"Each month, the Idler magazine brings together a great collection of writers, speakers and musicians for an evening of fun and feasting at the wonderful Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market.

Editor Tom Hodgkinson and Idler Academy director Victoria Hull will be your hosts. The ticket includes dinner and a glass of wine or beer.

This month we welcome producer Youth and musician John Moore.

The dinner will be held at Coin Laundry on Exmouth Market with its superb modern English menu sourced from small local suppliers. There’s been a venue on this corner since the thirteenth century serving local spa waters before it became a pub, and now it has been stylishly brought up to date as a restaurant and bar."

27 March, 7pm – 10.30pm at Coin Laundry, 70 Exmouth Market, EC1R 4QP, Clerkenwell

£49 Ticket includes dinner and a glass of wine or craft ale. To book tickets <click here> or call 0203 176 7907

Billy Fury Way

You’re going to lose your life today – down on Billy Fury Way

Rock and Roll won’t save you – now that Billy’s gone away

Halfway to Paradise via Paddington Green

Take me up to heaven in a Levertons limousine

We’re gathered here today to pay our last respects

In a secret alleyway – from this world to the next

I measured out my life in barbershop mirrors – how did I become so old?

And is this the face that I deserve, is this what I deserve…

As the light begins to fade and the shadows start to spread

I see visions of a past life – nightwatchmen in my head

Always the stranger, up on the bridge – he signals at me

I think I know who it is but – it’s too dark to see

Ancient coins wash up with every tide – place them here, on my eyes

Pay the riverman, pay the riverman – as London dies

You’re going to lose your life today – down on Billy Fury Way

Rock and Rock won’t save this time - now that Billy’s gone away